Privacy Policy

1.Name of Corporation

Tohatsu Corporation

2.Compliance of Laws and Regulations

We will comply with the “Act on Protection of Personal Information” (APPI) and related laws, regulations, and guidelines concerning the protection of personal information and privacy when we process personal information.

3.Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We will use personal information we collect under the following conditions.

(1) To perform contracts to which our customer is a party, we will use personal information for the following purposes:
  • For delivery of our products in the marine business and the fire protection business, etc. and to provide relevant after services.
    Provision of your personal information for the purpose mentioned above is necessary to enter into a contract.
(2) Based on the consent of our customer, we will use personal information for the following purposes:
  • For informing you of our new products or services;
  • For provision of your personal information to our business partners for informing you of business partners’ new products or services; and
  • For responding to your inquiry
    Please note that you can withdraw your consent to the using of personal information at any time.

4.Security Controls

We will make internal rules and organizations for the appropriate and security control of personal data including preventing the leakage, loss or damage of personal data and will process personal data in an appropriate manner.
In the event that the storage period stipulated by laws has expired or if the use is no longer necessary, we will delete our customers’ personal information without delay.


We may outsource our processing of personal information to a third party. In such case,we will exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over the outsourcing provider pursuant to APPI.

6.Continuous Improvement

We will strive to improve this policy and the way of processing of personal information continuously.

7.Disclosure, etc. of retained personal data

If you or your attorney request us to disclose the retained personal data, we will respond to such requests without delay except as otherwise provided under the following cases;

  • Cases in which the disclosure, etc. is likely to damage the life, body, or property of a data subject or a third person.
  • Cases in which the disclosure is likely to interfere with the proper execution of our businesses.
  • Cases in which the disclosure is violation of the law.

We will inform you when having decided not to disclose the retained personal data or when the retained personal data does not exist.

Also, regarding the retained personal data, if you or your attorney request us to correct, add or delete because the contents are contrary to the fact, request us to disuse, erase or suspend the provision to a third party because such personal data is processed in violation of the law, or lodge handling of complaints, objections, etc., we will investigate it and respond to these requests.

If you have any inquiries on the items above, please contact us at the following contact point;

General Affairs Department of Tohatsu Corporation
5-4, Azusawa 3-Chome, Itabashi-ku Tokyo 174-0051, Japan
Tel: 03-3966-3111 FAX: 03-3966-7667

8.Contact for Inquiry or Complaint

Please contact the following officer for the inquiry or complaint for our processing of personal information.
Also, regarding the processing of personal information, a data subject can lodge complaints with the Personal Information Protection Committee and other supervisory authorities.

Chief Personal Information Protection Officer of Tohatsu Corporation
Please contact here.

Amended at December 1, 2018