History of the Company

1922 / Apr Takata Motor Research Institute was established at Kyobashi-ku (present Chuo-ku), Tokyo.
1923 / Oct Moved an office to Hongo after the Greater Kanto Earthquake. Production of Irrigation pumps mounted engine started,and sold to Ministry of Post and Telecommunication, Tokyo City Government (former Tokyo Metropolitan Government) and Tokyo Light Company (former Tokyo Electric Power Supply Company).
1925 / May Renamed to Takata Motor Enterprise.
1927 / Sep First railcar was manufactured. The Ministry of Railways designated it as a fine domestic product.
1930 / Jun Built a new plant in Shinagawa.
1932 / Oct Reorganized as Takata Motor Manufacturing Corp., and built an office in Shinagawa with capital of 500,000 yen.
1937 / Apr Built a new plant in Itabashi, moved all plants there.
1939 / May Increased the capital to 1,500,000 yen and renamed Tokyo Hatsudoki Co., Ltd.
1940 / Apr Designated a military plant. Developed and manufactured products as a sole military plant of small gasoline engine and made rapid progress.
1943 / May Okaya plant was established in Nagano Prefecture.
1946 / Jan Production of Motor of railroad car for National Railway Company (former Japan Railway Company JR), Generators for fishing boats, Engine generators for lighting and Irrigation pumps started.
1947 / Mar Head office was moved to Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
1948 / Apr Redeveloped engines for agriculture uses.
1949 / Oct Started development and sales of Portable fire pumps first in Japan.
1950 / Apr Production and sales of Motorcycles started.
1952 / Mar Increased the capital to 30 million yen.
1952 / Oct Increased the capital to 60 million yen.
1955 / Oct Increased the capital to 300 million yen.
1956 / Oct Started production of Outboards first in Japan.
1963 / Apr Absorbed and merged Tohatsu Sharyo Corporation and the capital increased to 500 million yen.
1965 / Sep Decreased the capital to 300 million yen.
1968 / Jul Moved Head office to 4-9, Azusawa 3chome, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.
1970 / Apr Development and sales of Engine for snowmobiles started. Production and sales of Cold refrigerating units for transportation started.
1978 / Feb Increased the capital to 500 million yen.
1982 / Jun Development and sales of Remote controlled fire pumps started.
1984 / Jun Production and Sales of Fully automatic fire pumps and Automatic fire trucks started.
1984 / Dec Shipment of Outboards started under the OEM contract with Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
1986 / Apr Production and sales of 90HP outboards started (16 models were produced.).
1986 / Nov Production and sales of sprinkling fire pumps for cooling L.P.G. tanks in its stations started.
1987 / Nov Production and sales of Fully automatic chemical fire engines started.
1987 / Dec Production and sales of Tanker mounted fully automatic fire pumps started.
1988 / Feb TOHATSU MARINE CORPORATION, a joint venture company with Brunswick Corp., USA, established at Okaya-city, Nagano Prefecture. Building for renting, "Shimurasakashita Kenkyujo" constructed.
1988 / May Production and sales of Compact sized fire trucks to public bodies.
1989 / Oct Building for renting "Shimurasakaue Hospital Building" constructed.
1989 / Nov Production and sales of 120HP and 140HP outboards started.
1993 / Oct Building for tenanting "Shimurasakaue Building" constructed.
1997 / Sep Building for tenanting "Shimurasakashita Building"constructed.
1998 / Apr Production and sales of 4-stroke outboards started.
1999 / Feb Absorbed and merged Toei Maintenance Co., Ltd.
2000 / Feb Development and sales Fully covered type portable fire pumps (VC Series) started.
2000 / Apr Built and moved Head office building at the place of 5-4, Azusawa 3-chome, Itabashi-ku.
2000 / Apr Production and sales of TLDI (2-stroke Low-pressure Direct Injection) outboards started.
2000 / Aug Building for tenanting, an annex of "Shimurasakaue Hospital Building" constructed.
2001 / Jul Okaya plant obtained ISO 9002 certificate.
2001 / Aug Tokyo plant obtained ISO 9002 certificate.
2002 / May TOHATSU AMERICA CORPORATION (TAC) was established in USA.
2003 / Sep Building for tenanting, an annex of "Shimurasakashita Building" constructed.
2004 / Mar Head office, Engineering Department and Tokyo Plant obtained ISO 9001 certificate.
2004 / Jul Head office, Engineering Department and Tokyo Plant obtained ISO 14001 certificate.
2005 / Jan Komagane plant was newly established in Nagano Prefecture.
2007 / Aug Tokyo plant was closed. Production line of portable fire pumps was transferred to Komagane plant.
2011 / Mar Fire pumps, VF53AS・VF63AS・VF21A・VF21AS got the recommendations by Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan.
2018 / Sep Tohatsu R&D Center was newly established in Saitama Prefecture.
2018 / Nov Production and sales of fire pump (VE90AS) started. First B-1 class fire pump to be released in domestic market.