Message from the President


Tohatsu's Mission to Bring You Safety and Reliability

In accordance with our founding business philosophy of "social contribution" and based on our constantly evolving engine technology, Tohatsu Corporation is expanding its Marine Business and Fire protection Business.

As a pioneer with early success in Japan in the development and production of our core products of "Outboard Motors" and "Portable Fire Pumps", we have been receiving long-lasting support from our customers worldwide. More recently, we have also been actively engaged in developing and popularizing products and technologies that are environmentally friendly while of course providing safety and reliability.

Tohatsu will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2022.

We have been building the history of the engine since our establishment while withstanding rapid social change and severe economic fluctuations. Without resting on our laurels, we will reinforce our company's foundation inheriting the wisdom and courage of our predecessors, and continue to grow and make social contributions for the next 100 years.

The current global situation is fluctuating day by day and the corporate business climate is exposed to the waves of rapid change and diversification.We are determined to keep challenging, whatever the circumstances, to further expand our business through new ideas in both the Marine Business and the Fire Protection Business with our passion of "providing comfort and safety for boaters" and "protecting people around the world from fire"for our worldwide customers.

We will fulfill our universal mission to "bring safety and reliability" to the world, by flexibly and rapidly meeting different needs, through our high-value-added and highly reliable products.

President Isami Hyuga
PresidentIsami Hyuga