Chronological Table of Tohatsu History

1922 Takata Motor Research Institute was founded by Takata Masuzo and Ginji Takei.
1925 Renamed as Takata Motor Enterprise.
1930 Tokyo Plant was moved to Osaki with 25 employees.
1932 Renamed Takata Motor Manufacturing Corporation and reestablished as a company.
1935 Takata Motor developed Outboard Motor 2F-50.
1939 Renamed Tokyo Hatsudoki Corporation.
1943 Okaya Plant was built due to the anticipation of an aerial attack in Tokyo.
1948 Production of agricultural engine was started and irrigation pump VB series was produced.
1949 VC-50, 1st small portable fire pump in the domestic market, was developed.
1950 Tokyo Hatsudoki was listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1953 Puppy, 48cc motorcycle was released.
1956 Tokyo Hatsudoki started production of outboard motors. 1st models were named OB series.
1957 Micro-mini agricultural engine was released.
1960 Tokyo Hatsudoki accounted loss and dividend was cut down to zero.
Runpet CA2 was introduced and won clubman races.
1961 Tokyo Hatsudoki was corporatized under Fuji Electric Manufacturing Corp.
1962 1st Tokyo Boat Show was held.
1965 Under the Rehabilitation Act, Tokyo Hatsudoki ceased its production of motorcycles.
1966 Fire fighting pump V50A was introduced.
1968 Headquarters moved to Azusawa, Itabashi.
1969 Tokyo Hatsudoki started production of engines for snowmobiles for Rupp Corp. in U.S.
1970 Tokyo Hatsudoki introduced B38A, Japan’s 1st 25-horsepower outboard motor.
1972 Name of the company was changed to Tohatsu Corporation.
1974 CJ1000, Cold Jet for 2-ton class trucks was released.
1976 Outboard motor M35A was introduced.
1980 M55A (55-horsepower) outboard motor was introduced.
1984 Tohatsu affiliated with Nissan Motors and began to supply outboards to Nissan in OEM basis.
1986 3-cylinder, 90-horsepower outboard motor M90A was introduced.
1988 Tohatsu established a joint venture company “Tohatsu Marine Corporation” with Brunswick.
1989 M140A outboard motor debuted.
1990 Low-noise fire fighting pump V46A was introduced.
1991 Small and lightweight outboards, M2.5A, M4C, and M6B were released.
1992 Outboard motors, M70B and M60B were launched.
1998 MFS5A with 1-cylinder and 123cc was introduced.
1999 4-stroke MFS9.9A, MFS15A outboard motors were released.
2000 TLDI MD50A was introduced.
Portable fire fighting pump VC52A was introduced.
2001 TLDI MD90A, and 4-stroke MFS30A were launched.
2005 Tohatsu Marine Corp. relocated at the new plant in Komagane.
4-stroke EFI model MFS25/30 debuted.
2006 TLDI MD115A was released.
VF53AS, portable fire fighting pump with environmentally-friendly 4-stroke engine was released.
2007 Tohatsu celebrated its 75th anniversary.